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Global Biofuels Supply Demand Market Research Report 2020 (Covid-19 Version)

(Toronto) Canada , All the reports consider COVID-19 impact for forecast and analysis. The Global Bio-Fuels Market 2020 report implement in-depth research of the industry with a focus on the current market trends future prospects. The Global Bio-Fuels Market report aims to provide an overview of Bio-Fuels Market Market players with detailed market segmentation by product, application and geographical region. It also provides market share and size, revenue forecast, growth opportunity. The most recent trending report Worldwide Bio-Fuels Market Market Economy by Manufacturers, Regions, kind and application, forecast to 2025 provided by Supply demand Market Research is a study covering the marketplace with detailed analysis.

Biofuels are derived from biomass and are a renewable form of bioenergy. The biomass is composed of carbonaceous material obtained from living organisms like wood, leaves, oil bearing crops, and agricultural and forestry residues. With the use of advanced technologies, biofuels are extracted in solid (fuel wood, charcoal, and wood pellets), liquid (bioethanol and biodiesel), and gaseous (biogas) forms. Liquid biofuels are utilized as transportation fuels by blending them with fossil fuels at suitable proportions of 5% or 10% by volume.

Increasing government support, growing automobile industry, volatile and rising crude oil prices, and energy sustainability with new opportunities resulting in scaling up production with utilization of new feed stocks like jatropha and algae for biodiesel and cellulosic feed stocks for bioethanol are some of the main factors contributing towards the growth of the biofuels market.

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The major bioethanol producers are U.S. and Brazil, whereas major biodiesel producers are France and the U.S. Large quantities of biofuels are produced using first generation feedstocks (regular biomass) as compared to second generation feedstocks (cellulosic). The limited availability of agricultural land and yield of crops such as sugarcane and corn restrict the production of bioethanol and limited availability of soybeans, palm, sunflower oil, rapeseed and palm restrict biodiesel production. Some of the major producers in this market are Zebra (US), SATO (JP), Honeywell (US), TSC (TW), Brother (JP), TEC (JP), Epson (JP), Brady (US), New Beiyang (CN), Cab (DE), Godex (TW), Citizen (JP), and Postek (CN.

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The report covers the liquid biofuels market in top and emerging countries like U.S., Brazil, France, Sweden, India, Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, Thailand, and Belgium. Biofuels are derived from renewable energy source known as biomass in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. The biofuels are receiving much attention in recent years, as they reduce carbon emissions, qualify for carbon credits, reduce dependence over fossil fuels, and utilize feedstock, which is renewable in nature

The report also covers the bioethanol and biodiesel production and consumption in selected countries and makes an attempt to analyze domestic supply and demand gap in these countries, as well as their global biofuels production and consumption share. The study offers global overview of liquid biofuels market, market dynamics and their impact; competitive landscape, market share of major players, and patent analysis. The report also discusses burning issues like fuel vs food debate, emergence of new feedstocks, and new developments in biofuel market.


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