Avocado Market Analysis by Growth, Size (Value and Volume), Trends 2028

Sale of avocados has traced an upward trajectory over the past decade, and a multitude of factors have contributed to the magnification of this trend. Several regions observe annual food fests where avocado-based recipes are brandished and sold. Furthermore, the health benefits of avocado fruit have played an integral role in driving sales across the global market. The high nutritional value of avocado remains uncontested across food research organisations. Moreover, the sapid taste of the fruit has also led to increased market demand. The total volume of revenues within the global avocado market shall increase by a dramatic chase in the years to follow.

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Guacamole is an important constituent of avocado, and the health benefits of the former are well-acknowledged. Furthermore, the composition of vitamin K and vitamin C in avocado fruit is also an important consideration for food researchers. Presence of healthy fats and growth nutrients makes avocados the primary choice for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Besides, health conscious youngsters and sportspersons also consume avocado as a healthy alternative to snacks and oily food. Presence of fibres in avocado has also garnered the attention of the masses who are willing to spend on high-priced food items.

The high cost of avocados across regional markets could be a matter of concern for vendors and retailers. However, extensive marketing of the fruit has helped in targeting affluent consumers, and driving potential buyers towards purchase decisions. Furthermore, advancement in supply chains of avocado sellers has also helped in marketing the product. It is legit to believe that increased productivity of south-central Mexican cultivations of avocado would pave way for market growth. The supply dynamics of the vendors in the global avocado market have improved over the past decade. It would be interesting to see the penetration of avocados in unexplored market of Asia Pacific and Middle East.

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Use of Avocados in Recipes Perfected across the World

The stellar demand for avocados can be attributed to advancements in the food industry. Despite the high cost of avocados, their usage in the food sector for experimenting with new recipes is a prolific trend. Therefore, the vendors in the global avocado market are expected to earn sustained revenues over the course of the forthcoming years. Avocado toast has become a popular trend for celebrations across the western world. Use of avocado with olive oil and red pepper flakes has become the signature version of avocado toasts. Several such practices and trend have created growth avenues within the market. A large population of people prefer to consume avocados over other types of fruits and vegetables. This trend shall also unravel several growth opportunities for the market vendors.

Peru Emerges as Major Exporter of Avocados

Cultivation of avocados is an important factor responsible for the growth of regional markets. Countries that have local farms for avocado production have cruised ahead in terms of revenue generation within the global avocado market. Peru recently announced its plans to increase the overall production of avocados in 2020. This move shall help in the growth of the South America avocado market. Besides, increase in demand for cold-pressed avocado oil has also garnered the attention of the market vendors in recent times.

Use of this oil in cosmetology and skincare has played a central role in market maturity. Natural remedies for treating skin infections have gained popularity in several regions. Therefore, the global avocado market is slated to reap lucrative gains from the cosmetics and medical industries. The notable vendors in the global avocado market are capitalising on the large market gap across key industries such as food and beverages, cosmetics, and medicine.

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