How is Growing Number of Clinical Trials Driving eClinical Solutions Market?

The number of clinical trials is rising; the growing prevalence for chronic and lifestyle associated diseases and surging aging population has led to the increased frequency of pipeline drugs, which need to go through clinical trials before they are approved. While before, clinical trials were taking place in Western Europe and North America, during the recent times, emerging countries, such as Poland, China, South Korea, and India, have become popular destinations for conducting clinical trials. This shift has taken place due to the need for reducing operational cost and getting a large pool of patients.

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Global E-Clinical Solutions Market Key Players:

1-  Oracle Corporation

2- BioClinica

3- PAREXEL International Corporation

4- CRF Health Inc.

5- Medidata Solutions

6- OmniComm Systems Inc.

7- DATATRAK International Inc.

Attributed to this, the need for e-clinical solution software for the collection of data from investigational center and for helping to use the collected data effectively in less time is increasing. E-clinical solutions are utilized for accelerating the clinical development process. The e-clinical solutions market is expected to grow at a considerable pace in the coming years. Types of solutions offered under e-clinical technology are product and professional services. Between these two, the larger demand was created for e-clinical products in the past, which are further predicted to be more in demand in the near future as well. E-clinical professional services are projected to advance at the faster pace in the coming years.

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A key trend in the e-clinical solutions market is the growing adoption of cloud technology for the development of e-clinical suit. Advanced cloud computing aids enterprises to grasp new business opportunities and innovate at a faster pace. The healthcare industry is widely implementing cloud-based technology for exchanging financial, medical, and associated complex data by healthcare organizations. Moreover, the biopharmaceutical companies are making use of cloud-based technology for reducing the time consumed and managing the cost of clinical trial processes. The cloud-based technology is furthermore becoming an essential strategic decision for pharma IT players as a differentiator.

This study covers

  • Historical and the present size of the e-clinical solution market
  • Recent trends and evolving opportunities for the market participants
  • Historical and the present size of the market segments and understand their comparative future potential
  • Major players operating in the market and their service offerings
  • Recent strategic developments by the major players in the market