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Benzalkonium Chloride Market is likely to witness steady gains from pulp & paper industry

Growing paper usage for print media and daily hygiene will boost benzalkonium chloride market demand. The pulp & paper industry utilizes the product for odor management & slime control pertaining to its microbicidal properties. In addition, it also enhances the antistatic properties of paper and provides the required strength to paper sheets, thus ensuring trouble-free printing operations and reducing the downtime on account of paper fouling & breaks.

Lately, benzalkonium chloride has found increased application as an emulsifier & preservative in the coatings industry, including paints, electronics and wood treatment. It is worth noting that benzalkonium chloride 80% products can shield emulsion paints, coatings, leather, pulp & paper, thereby exhibiting favorable Benzalkonium chloride market outlook.

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Applications of Benzalkonium chloride market in textile industry as permanent retarders in dyeing of Acrylic Fibers with Cationic Dyestuffs and as moth repellents are anticipated to fuel the industry growth. Further, soaring demand for benzalkonium chloride in water treatment will also act as a catalyst instilling confidence among stakeholders.

North America benzalkonium chloride market from 80% type will witness significant gains at over 5.5% through 2025 on account of high product usage in antiseptics and cleansers. The use of antiseptic creams and disinfectant solutions consisting BAC ensures proper wound cleansing by eliminating all traces of microbes without producing any toxic effects on the healthy cells. Rising prevalence of insect bites in the region will stimulate the requirement for wound cleansing products subsequently fostering the BAC demand.

Benzalkonium chloride 50% is extensively used in oilfields to control the growth of sulfate producing microbes, which may cause corrosion of oilfield equipment by forming hydrogen sulfide gas. Moreover, BAC also promotes de-emulsification and sludge breaking for easing the oil extraction process further fostering the product penetration. U.S. benzalkonium chloride 50% market is likely to register gains at over 5.5% through 2025 owing to increased consumption of BAC as an oilfield chemical.

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Some of the underlying downsides that have raised concern among stakeholders have been irritation to the skin and corrosive to the eyes. As these factors may derail benzalkonium chloride market growth, leading companies such as Kao Chemicals, Quat Chem, Novo Nordisk, Manav Biopharma LLP and Merck Millipore are foraying in strategic acquisitions and boosting product offerings by enhancing manufacturing capabilities.

Leading industry players are increasingly investing in benzalkonium chloride given the demand for the ingredient in cosmetics, food & beverage, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas and leather & textile has upped in the recent years.

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