Your 5 Must-Haves for A San Diego Mover During Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving during the coronavirus pandemic may seem less than ideal. Before the pandemic, moving proved to be stressful enough, but moving now adds another level of complexity. Is it even possible to relocate during the COVID-19 pandemic? Fortunately, it is. As a mover, you need to take certain precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Therefore, follow along as we tell you what are the 5 must-haves for a San Diego mover during coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Disposable Wrapping Items

Before coronavirus, most movers would use moving blankets that would be used several times before disposing them. Now, for every move, they must provide their customers with new disposable items like shrink wrap and furniture wrapping papers. These disposable wrappers pose less potential exposure to the virus. However, for customers who insist on using moving blankets, the movers must use proper sanitation methods to ensure the blankets are disinfected after every move. Alternatively, they could charge the clients an extra fee for the blankets and dispose them right after each use. 

  1. Wipes and Disinfectants

Movers need to invest more in disinfectants and wipes. After every move, the company must sanitize their trucks to curb the spread of the virus. The same goes for the equipment they will be using to lift items while loading and offloading. Also, their personnel must keep sanitizing regularly especially after touching common areas like the elevator buttons and door handles. 

  1. Face Masks 

Wearing masks today is mandatory for every job. However, there have been cases where the mask could cause a potential health risk to workers, especially during harsh weather conditions. In that case, maintaining social distance is important to avoid contracting the virus. Experts stated that wearing a face mask once the temperature hits a certain threshold is not just a hindrance, but a health hazard for the workers.

  1. Multiple Storage Units

If you’re moving from California to another state you should use a moving company’s storage unit to store your most precious or your most fragile belongings. A moving company will always take care of your items, but with Covid-19 extra precaution is now need where moving storage is concerned. Before the coronavirus hit, you could find storage facilities having shared spaces for different clients’ belongings. Social distancing might make this harder to implement. Look for a mover with multiple storage units and one who doesn’t mix your furniture with that of others to avoid risk of cross contamination.

  1. Established Website

Anyone who has hired a moving company before knows too well how much paperwork can be involved. Things like in-person inspection of the items to be moved are no longer happening, instead they are conducting online surveys to provide estimates. Go online and search “moving companies near me” to get a list of movers and to see what services they offer. If a moving company doesn’t have a digital system, they need to establish one since it’s very vital during this period. Additionally, many people are opting for cashless transactions to reduce disease transmission. Plus, having a website gives the customer an overview of what to expect, in case they plan on enlisting your services.