Organic Snacks Market to Surge at a Robust Pace in Terms of Revenue Over 2028

Organic Snacks Market: Snapshot 

A great number of people world over are turning toward consuming diets that contain decent dose of vegetables and fruits to keep themselves healthy. This aside, people are preferring food products bereft of too many additives, preservatives, and dyes and artificial sweeteners. The drive for organic snacks in the snacking world has been fueled by these trends gaining strength over the years. Strides made in the snacking industry, coupled with rising cohort of millennials attracted toward healthy snacking, are notably driving the evolution of the organic snacks market. The organic food labeling has been bolstering the demand for organic snacks. Over the years, food companies and manufacturers have made organic snacks more delicious and nutritious. Moreover, they are making substantial efforts to market the products wisely, mostly in developing countries. These factors have been essentially behind the growing popularity of organic snacks.

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Increasing awareness about organic methods of food sourcing and recycling, and focus toward preserving biodiversity have continually added momentum to the market. The increasing preference of adolescents toward snacking, in part to changing lifestyles, in developing countries has increasingly influenced the entire dynamics in the global organic snacks market over recent years. However, despite the enormous potential organic snacks have in the snacking industry, there are multiple concerns whether they have really worth the hype. Food manufacturers are hence trying to stay true to the organic labelling and promote this in attracting customers. Moreover, it might be difficult or infeasible to attract new taste buds without using additives to enhance the flavor. Whether these additives really meet the expectations of consumers seeking organic ingredients needs to be relooked closely.

Global Organic Snacks Market: Overview

Urban populations are observing a restless lifestyle owing to work pressure as a profession and expanding landscapes of metropolitan area that has significantly incremented daily travel by the means of personal vehicles or public transport. As urbanization engulfs heavily populated emerging economies, the common opportunities that are emerging are in the food and beverage industry. Food habits are radically changing from full course three meals to incremented inclination on snacks.

However, the snacks market that has been flourishing in the past decade is now getting restructured as a result of growing awareness among the intended customers regarding the ill-effects of snacks if consumed regularly in substantiality. Thankfully, awareness has also multiplied in terms of the availability of organic snacks, which are wholly made from natural ingredients and have the potential to not only cause no-harm to the consumers but also serve with health benefits. According to the findings of this business intelligence study, the global organic snacks market is poised for a fruitful future with the demand multiplying at a profitable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2018 to 2028.

Global Organic Snacks Market: Trends and Opportunities

A number of chronic diseases including obesity and diabetes have gained strong prevalence in the recent past and consumers are now aware of the fact that they stroke their chances of falling prey to the bodily disorders by eating unhealthy snacks. However, since the addiction has now significantly sunk in, alternative of organic snacks is serving the changing demands. Apart from awareness, aggressive marketing and promotional activities by the leading vendors including television commercials and branding is further augmenting the awareness, and hence the demand. A number of governments are giving away incentives to organic farmers and farms are mushrooming across outskirts of metropolitan cities across the world, catering to localized demands. With improved availability of these products, the adoption is anticipated to multiply in the near future.

On the other hand, organic snacks are significantly costlier than the alternatives as they are produced without the usage of yield-incrementing chemical fertilizers as well as in a confined environment. This factor is challenging the organic snacks market from serving greater pool of customers.

Global Organic Snacks Market: Market Potential

Deepening penetration of social media is emerging as an option that has potential to radically increment the awareness. Consumers are sharing their own experiences with general snacks and the benefits of organic ones and enticing newer customers. In addition to that, producers of organic snacks are also resorting to social media to promote their products, highlighting the health benefits while serving the appetite and taste buds.

Global Organic Snacks Market: Regional Analysis

North America, driving by the U.S. wherein obesity is a severe concern, is currently the region with the greatest demand potential for organic snacks. Substantial disposable income of the citizens, greater levels of awareness, and high adoption rate of new products are some of the other factors driving the demand in the North America organic snacks market. That being said, Asia Pacific and Europe are two regions that must be concentrated on.

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Global Organic Snacks Market: Competitive Landscape

General Mills, Conagra Brands, Newman’s Own, Hormel Foods, THE WHITEWAVE FOODS COMPANY, Amy’s Kitchen, AMCON Distributing Company, Dean Foods, Clif Bar & Company, Frito-Lay, Organic Valley, and Hain Celestial Group are some of the most prominent companies currently holding a position of strength in the global organic snacks market. Most of these players are currently confined within the North American and European region but in the near future, they are expected to make forays into the emerging economies in APAC for greater shares.

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