Electric Vehicle and Environmentalism

Mark Wood

In support of Satellite Connectivity, Regulators engaged in telecommunications services are involved. According to the latest Washington Post poll, 43% of adults are confident that human activity causes climate change. There is no argument that our government’s lack of action is accounted for by substantial lobby contributions, particularly to the Republican party coming from the fossil-fuel industry. But let’s back up for a minute, 43 percent of US citizens think we are directly responsible for climate change. 

Several acquaintances are worried about our current administration and the anti-Environnement policies under Trump (now the protection of rivers and waterways has just been turned back, which gives the industry carte blanche to pollute even further). Many of the citizens just purchased new gas vehicles last year. This mentality is the problem! It is not the climate deniers but the individuals who understand the threat at our door and believe it is the duty of somebody else to remedy it. Al Gore could not be more precise— it’s an “uncomfortable truth.” 

We are accountable for our environment, and so it falls squarely on everyone who acknowledges what man does and the risk we face. I find it a concern when I see waterfowl in an oil spill. My issue is the Deep Water Horizon spill. Pro-oil money lobbying, acidification of the ocean, and the diminishing world food source, corporate oil protection, the world’s misery, and fossil fuels exploitation –all my issues.

EV prices have fallen drastically. The scope is now much better than a couple of years ago, and charging periods are much shorter. Even long-haul driving in an Electric car is no longer an excuse for no purchase with the charging grid rising. The money you save on petrol and repairs makes EVs cheaper to internal combustion motor vehicles (ICE) in the long term, plus the batteries can conveniently function as home batteries in addition to lasting a few hundred thousand miles. People complain of charging periods, yet they waste their time, resources, and gas, changing the oil and servicing their vehicles. What is the reason? Because fossil fuel has made us engage in complacency and much worse.

A body evaluating the standard of democracy of a country through several criteria-The The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) – describes the United States as a “faulty society.” You literally can’t have a sustainable democracy when organizations inject large sums of funds into political parties. This act undermines the American flag and left it in tatters, especially after the impeachment fiasco, which happened without witnesses.