New York Could Introduce Own Cryptocurrency, the Blockchain Banking: How Would It Work.

Libra of Facebook may be in limbo currently with a 2020 launch sounding doubtful. However, that does not halt New York from observing the residents of its states executing with its cryptocurrency. 

As reported by VICE, New York legislators look forward to solving a persisting problem for the mainly unbanked population in this state by suggesting a “public Venno.” The state assembly of New York member Ron Kim, Senator Julia Salazar, and Cornell professor of law Robert Hockett handed over their proposal back in the month of November. 

What the legislators support is banking based on Blockchain and a cryptocurrency targeted at permitting compensation for a job that is continuously underpaid or unpaid like babysitting, taking care of the elderly, and other related activities.  

How it works is that firms and citizens of this state could every one of them possess their individualized virtual wallets, which are linked by the New York government. This successfully removes the fees of transfer if a similar transaction is done with the bank and hurries the process. It also assists in concentrating the money circulation in low-income societies because it is all executed digitally. 

Kim stated in a public statement that he believes that their proposal, Inclusive Value Ledger can be truly revolutionary. He added that the formation of free savings for public and payment initiative that all New Yorkers could use, not only for paying goods as well as services but also in transferring funds directly to one another via, could radically reshape New York into a more elegant, healthier, wealthier and more comprehensive home for everyone. 

If the proposal of the legislators comes to fruition, this would be the first publicly owned electronic platform for banking for the United States of America and would overtake China in making the pioneer crypto with the support of the government. 

The crypto of China, the DC/EP, which means Digital Currency or Electronic Payments, is an applicable answer nation-wide and is the solution to Libra. It also looked at as a step to boost the RMB influence globally, by Flex Yang, who is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Babel Finance. However, the scheduled China launch of its Blockchain Service Network in April, in the current year, will possibly expedite any idea of bringing a digital Yuan. 

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