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Mark served in the Marine Corps as a Lance corporal before retiring to spend time with his wife and young son. Today, he works part-time in construction and has numerous hobbies that keep him active. He founded Cole of Duty to write about military news around the world. He loves to discuss politics and the US budget, often debating with his wife and coworkers about who ought to be elected in 2020. 315 Lowland Drive, Rockford Illinois, 61108 815-391-5851 [email protected]coleofduty.com

Scientists unleash to the public a sample of a departing launch vehicle off the Red Planet

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The initial pristine pieces of the Red Planet would not be descending to Earth, until another ten years. However, this is the time to debut on preparations for a historic arrival to the public. This was a statement from one of the scientists.  NASA’s 2020 Mars rover plans to lift off in July of these […]

New York Could Introduce Own Cryptocurrency, the Blockchain Banking: How Would It Work.

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Libra of Facebook may be in limbo currently with a 2020 launch sounding doubtful. However, that does not halt New York from observing the residents of its states executing with its cryptocurrency.  As reported by VICE, New York legislators look forward to solving a persisting problem for the mainly unbanked population in this state by […]

The astronomers of SpaceX are working to address the Starlink satellites’ brightness

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HONOLULU-SpaceX states that it is committed to operating with the community of astronomy in addressing the brightness of Starlink satellites. However, several astronomers remained alarmed about the harmful impact that the system and other mega-constellations would have on their ground.  One of 60 satellites of Starlink in the recent January 6, Starlink launch featured an […]

The path of NASA to the moon leads through Congress. Good thing No.2 of NASA identifies his way around Capitol Hill. 

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Jim Morhard might be new to space, but not to the astronauts. The deputy administrator of NASA occasionally tells the story of the way a six-year-old in Arlington, Virginia, he, alongside his elder brother, knocked on the door of a renowned neighbor. The neighbor let them pet his cat, gave them something to drink, and […]

The reason behind the astronomers’ off guard caught by Space X’s Starlink

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Space explorers have an experience of five good years to support for the influence of SpaceX’s Starlink Internet-Satellite Megaconstellation; however, the first few lots of the space ships still had a chance to catch community off guard.  SpaceX founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk announced the idea of Starlink back in January 2015, detailing […]

A report states that 99% percent of the Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS Capacity is vague

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A recent report casts doubts on the legitimacy of top business rivals of Bitcoin. Researcher, Koji Higashi blasted off exchanges for conning 99 percent of their Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS Trade Capacities during the previous week. The cryptocurrency analyst situated in Japan noted that the level of uncertified capacity in the Altcoins seemed to be […]