US forces in Syria to be redeployed in western Iraq

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Mark Wood

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Mark Wood

Last week, following Trump’s decision to launch a Turkish-led attack on the Syrian Kurdish army, Pentagon leader Mark Esper announced that the United States would take special forces, about a thousand, from northern Syria.

Since then, several US-occupied bases have been under the control of the Syrian military.

And on October 20, American troops withdrew from their main base in Sarrine, northern Syria. According to AFP correspondents on the site, an escort with 70 vehicles, led by helicopter, passed in the Hassake region to the east.

In addition, the Turkish invasion has caused much criticism, as it could undermine the anti-jihadist coalition led by the United States and the Democratic Republic for nearly six years against the Islamic State.

In fact, if it loses control of the occupied territories of Iraq and Syria, the fact is that the jihadist organization remains a threat and, of course, hides and fights, and waits for the right moment to rise.

In any case, US troops deployed in Syria should not return to the United States in the short term. On October 19, Mr. Esper has some details about what awaits them.

“The current plan for this team is to be deployed in western Iraq,” said a Pentagon leader. In addition, according to US journalists, Esper cannot eliminate the possibility that US troops in Iraq will end terrorist activities in Syria. “Details are pending,” he said.

Meanwhile, Esper said the United States maintained ties with the Syrian Kurdish forces, which played a key role in overthrowing Daesh.

As a reminder, Iraq is home to about 5,000 American soldiers. Their mission is to train and mobilize Iraqi forces while helping them avoid IS invasion.

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