According to the Pentagon, the drone lost by the US Navy was flying 34 km off the Iranian coast when it was shot down

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James Anderson

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James Anderson

It may be difficult for the Revolutionary Guards to reveal US Navy drone pictures beginning on June 20, claiming that they violated Iranian airspace.

In fact, according to Chief Joseph Castella, chairman of the United States Air Force Centcom, the intelligence agency, BASM-D was flying 34 kilometers off the coast of Iran when it was attacked by Iranian landlords. Clearly, it flew in international waters, not far from the Hormuz District.

The plane “did not fly in Iran at any time during its mission,” the US chief said. “Iran’s news that the plane was shot down in Iran is a mistake,” he said.

“The attack is an attempt to ensure that we don’t control this area in light of recent threats to international transport and free trade,” said Chief Castella. In addition, he continued, “it’s unnecessary” because “establishing these flights between Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Oman has endangered the public.”

The IRCG explained that the US drone had been relocated from a location on the “southern coast of the Persian Gulf”, had “stopped all its tactics” and, after all, crossed the Hormuz Road, taking part in Iran’s Chabahar town.

Earlier, President Trump said that via Twitter, Iran had “made a serious mistake” in shooting down U.S. Navy drones.

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