Author: James Anderson

A sophomore at the University of Central Missouri (majoring in Computer Science), James assists with editing, proofreading and researching new stories. He has also written many news stories of his own relating to military affairs and, while having no intention of serving, has had a life-long interest in what is happening in the militaries of different countries around the world. As a fun side-point, when it comes to different tank models and tanks throughout history, his knowledge is unparalleled. 1692 Grant View Drive, OSCEOLA Missouri, 64776 414-471-5254 james@coleofduty.com

To finance its military spending, Sweden will tax its banks

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With the intensification of Russian military activities in its immediate environment, Sweden has relaunched its defense effort. Thus, this country has restored military service, remilitarized the island of Götland, took over the defense industry, returned to military exercises and brought up to date its concept of total defense. At the same time, the debate on […]

The US Navy will abandon the touch screens to facilitate the maneuvering of its destroyers

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In August 2017, and in a matter of days, two US Navy destroyers, the USS Fitzgerald and John McCain, were involved in collisions with civilian ships while sailing respectively off the coast of Japan and the United States. The internal investigations, which resulted in sanctions against the officers responsible for the conduct of these two […]

Iran is suspected of sending false GPS signals in the Strait of Hormuz

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Following the attack by six armed men and the arrest of two others in the Strait of Hormuz, Bahrain organized a meeting last week on the security of the Arabian Sea. The participating countries have not yet been formally represented at this conference. But according to The Guardian, the United States and “other European countries” […]

China warns against any US deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Asia

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Pentagon chief Mark Esper wasted no time. While the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty had officially come to an end on 2 August, he announced the next day that he would like to deploy new conventional weapons of intermediate scope in Asia. “Yes, I would like to do it,” said Esper, answering a question on […]

Army Chief of Staff says he observes “China’s increasingly aggressive attitude”

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In 2015, China published a White Paper on Defense in which it focused on the concept of “active defense.” This document emphasized the development of the projection capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army [PLA]. As part of President Xi Jinping’s “Chinese dream of a great national renaissance,” the White Paper explained that the naval component […]

Pyongyang promises to respond to deliveries of US F-35A aircraft to South Korean Air Force

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Seven years ago, we learned that the South Korean Air Force would use 40 F-35As. The contract was signed in 2014 for $6.5 billion. This did not stop the Korean summit in Panmunjeom, where Seoul and Pyongyang entered into peace and cooperation agreements, along with Singapore and Hanoi, between the United States and North Korea. […]

Saudi Arabia says it captured the head of the Yemeni branch of the Islamic State

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Although its main goal was to support Yemeni leader Abdrabbo Mansour Hadi against the Houthi uprising in Iran, the jihadist group in Yemen also noticed active jihadist groups in Yemen. The Emirati army is the largest in this battle. “Regardless of the extent of the conflict in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates will continue its […]

According to the Pentagon, the drone lost by the US Navy was flying 34 km off the Iranian coast when it was shot down

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It may be difficult for the Revolutionary Guards to reveal US Navy drone pictures beginning on June 20, claiming that they violated Iranian airspace. In fact, according to Chief Joseph Castella, chairman of the United States Air Force Centcom, the intelligence agency, BASM-D was flying 34 kilometers off the coast of Iran when it was […]