Month: October 2019

US forces in Syria to be redeployed in western Iraq

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Last week, following Trump’s decision to launch a Turkish-led attack on the Syrian Kurdish army, Pentagon leader Mark Esper announced that the United States would take special forces, about a thousand, from northern Syria. Since then, several US-occupied bases have been under the control of the Syrian military. And on October 20, American troops withdrew […]

Russia will not allow clashes between Syrian and Turkish forces

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On October 15, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe again criticized the withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria, which gave the green light to Turkey to lead the offensive against Syrian Kurdish militia that it has promised for a long time, even before the end of the “caliphate” proclaimed by the Islamic State. This Turkish […]

South Korea could get two nuclear attack submarines

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While North Korea claimed last week that it had managed to launch a Pukguksong 3 sea-ground ballistic missile from a submarine (the Pentagon denies this), Seoul plans to make a significant effort to strengthen its submarine warfare capabilities. Currently, the South Korean Navy has 18 diesel-electric submarines manufactured under license by Hyundai Heavy Industries and […]