Month: September 2019

London believes Iran is responsible for attacks on Saudi oil sites

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A week after the attacks on Saudi oil production, Iranian President Hassan Rohani strongly criticized the presence of “foreign forces” in the Arabian Gulf region [GAP] and announced that he would present a “plan of cooperation” to ensure safety. “Your presence has always brought pain and misery to the region,” Rohani said of countries that […]

President Trump breaks peace negotiations with Afghan taleb movement

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Initiated early this year, peace negotiations between the United States and the Afghan Taleb movement were about to be completed. In a nutshell, it was a question of significantly reducing, in under 135 days, the US military presence in Afghanistan, in exchange for the guarantee that the Taliban would not let this country become a […]

Erdogan “does not accept” that Turkey can be deprived of nuclear missiles

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Was Hans Rühle, a German defense expert, right when he suggested that Turkey was trying to acquire nuclear weapons? Several plans to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey have been mentioned over the years, but none were verified. And in July 2000, then-Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit put an end to the project to build […]